Welcome to the Taekwondo Event Calendar, a searchable compilation of Taekwondo events in and around the U.S.A. This site started as a personal project to track events and evolved into something bigger. We aim to be a searchable database of all Taekwondo events in the U.S.A. to assist practitioners in finding events that fit their needs.

What features does this site have?

Right now, the site has three main features. First, any visitor can search and view any events on the site. Second, logged in users can save events to refer to later. Third, event managers can add their events to the site. We are looking to continually add features and improve the site. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I add my event to the site?

First, create a user account. Then request event manager permissions by sending an e-mail with your username to TaekwondoEventCalendar@gmail.com. Once the permission is granted, you will have the Add Event menu option under the Created Events tab.